Career Assistance Program

The Career Assistance program is a subsidiary ministry of The Keys are at the Cross Prison Ministries, Inc. In early 2006 we accepted the opportunity to be sub-grantees in a Department of Labor program being instituted in Jackson County, Missouri. Our office operated as one of five satellite offices of the original grantees, Connections to Success.

This program worked with pre-screened felons, often beginning before they are released from incarceration. Our goal was to help them become successfully integrated into the community when they return. For five years we worked with them in all aspects of needs that they incur, but the specific focus was always gainful employment. Our goal was to help these individuals begin to look toward a career, not just any job. We workedwith them on their interests and skills and how that might fit into their participation in the job market. We helped with resume building, interview skills, dressing for success, and other types of communication skills.

After five years our partnership with Connections to Success ended on March 31, 2011. However, through favor from God,we are continuing our work in that area and the Career Assistance Program will remain in operation. If you are an ex-felon trying to get established in the community, or have a family member who is, please call our Employment Specialist Rickey Peters. We are here to help you and have means of getting you to our office if you need help with transportation.

Our address is 10110 E. 63rd Street, Raytown MO 64133. Our office phone is 816.353.3003. We are located in the back entrance of the Farmers Insurance building at that address.

Code of Ethics

We believe in the gospel of Jesus Christ and have developed our Code of Ethics with that in mind. We will hold ourselves accountable to bring honor to Christ and to promote the welfare and protect the fundamental rights and dignity of all individuals, families and groups.

Confidentiality – We will maintain participant confidentiality to the fullest extent allowed by law, professional ethics, and organizational rules, and shall not disclose confidential communications without first securing consent from the participant, but accept the limits of confidentiality when human life is at risk or abused.

Honesty – We will adhere to the highest standards of accuracy and truth in advancing the interest of those we represent based on the teachings of the Word of God. We commit to conduct all business affairs with integrity, and accuracy in an open and forthright manner.

Loyalty – We will be faithful to our participants and do all within our ability to promote their success.

Fairness – We deal fairly with all of our participants. Although we base our dealings on the teachings of Christ we respect all opinions and beliefs of each individual.

Professionalism – We commit to adhere to a professional standard in accomplishing goals and objectives as it pertains to our ministry and our participants.

Core Values

Integrity – We believe in holding ourselves accountable to he utmost standards. We will work with honesty and forthrightness in every situation. We will do all things, “… as unto the Lord.”

Responsibility – We desire to lead by example in being responsible to do what we say we will do. We also know that we are responsible for the outcomes of choices we make, both past and present.

Character – We desire to be known as people of character. That is to say that our reputation would be of the highest regard to those we know and come in contact with.

Fellowship – We know from God’s Word that we not only should interact with others, but that we must as part of the body of Christ.  We need other members of the body and they need us.

Faith – We believe that God has a desire to use each of us productively in His overall plan. Therefore, we know that if we are operating inside of His will, then all things will work together for our good. In this we can trust even when we can’t see.

Redemption – We believe that God’s plan of Salvation was for each and every individual and that no person has done anything to be excluded from that love. A person’s past is not our issue except in how it relates to this program. We will look at everyone as God does, with love and acceptance.