Newsletter August 3, 2020

Hello friends,

I have a couple of bits of news I would like to share with you. But first, I hope you are well and not too seriously affected by this virus that is impacting so many. Today I found out that one of my nieces, her husband and one year old have contracted Covid-19. So far the symptoms a “fairly” mild. This is the closest I have been impacted by this. Maybe you will pray for them with us.

A couple of the prisons that we spend the most time in are showing signs of preparing to let us return in some respects. In fact I believe Ron is getting a required Covid-19 test at one of them tomorrow. This seems to be happening even though there are serious outbreaks in five of the twenty prisons across the state. We will see. Many of our team a very anxious to return.

I have some other important news. After twenty-six years of pouring my life and heart into this ministry I have determined it is time for me to step away. However, the work of The Keys is not ending. We are in the process of supplying some paperwork to the Secretary of State through our lawyers. Soon Ron Green will become the President and Administrator of our 501 (c) (3). Many of you know Ron and what a Godly man he is. He has been my running buddy for over twenty years in jails and prisons. He is known and loved by more men who he met in prison than I could count.

I will officially be stepping aside at the end of September. I pray you will continue to support this ministry as Ron moves forward. He will desperately need your prayer and financial support. Thank you for all the years you have supported me and my family. It is amazing to me what God has done. I am so thankful for all the guys and gals who have had the same desire in their hearts to reach those that many would ignore. I have had many amazing partners in ministry through the years. I have been most blessed to be able to do this for all these years. Now we will see what God has for us next.

In His Grip,